Eligibility For A Bail Bond In Buena Park

Understanding what a bail bond is may be confusing for some people, especially those who’ve never had to deal with bail bonds prior. Many people may also not understand that depending on the situation, they may have to qualify for bail bond assistance which is similar to applying for a loan. Finding a good bail bonds company who will work in with you is a very important step.

As all bail bond companies require a fee to be paid for their services, and as that fee is based on a percentage of the total amount of bail, some people may have trouble raising the fee alone, let alone the bail amount. Here at Buena Park Bail Bonds, we will work in with qualifying clients and their individual financial situation by arranging a payment plan for the fee.

It is only natural that any business who is fronting a lot of money on behalf of someone else, will want something equaling, or exceeding the value of the amount they are loaning out. At the very least, they will want a signed legal contract that clearly states the terms and conditions making the person/s signing responsible for any potential financial loss that the business may face if the terms and conditions are not met.

Qualifying for a bail bond will firstly depend on whether or not the individual qualifies for bail in the first instance. Depending on the actual charges, previous criminal history, flight risk, and risk to the community, will determine if a judge will grant bail at all.

Each bail bonds company is different, and may differ in what they require from clients to qualify. This is something you need to discuss with Buena Park Bail Bonds when first calling them for assistance. Generally however, there are a few guidelines you may want to consider to make sure you have no problems qualifying.

Qualifying Considerations:

  • Credit History: When applying for any line of credit, the credit history of the applicant, may be a contributing factor on whether the application is approved or not. Having a good credit history will of course go in the client’s and/or co-signer’s favor.

  • Work History: Something else that may be taken into consideration is the work history of the client, and/or co-signer. Bail bond companies prefer that the co-signer has a reliable job history, especially considering they will be financially responsible for the terms of the agreement should the defendant not meet the terms and conditions.

  • Collateral: Having anything of value to put forward will also be beneficial. Depending on how much the bail has been set at, will depend on the value of any collateral being offered. Real Estate, Vehicles, and even properly appraised jewelry may be acceptable as collateral. Of course it is important to realize, that any collateral being offered should have no liens, foreclosure action, or any other hindrance attached to them.

Buena Park Bail Bonds is the top bail bonds company in Southern California. We have earned this reputation by offering unsurpassed services to defendants who have been arrested and placed in jail. Being prepared to work in with clients on a personal and individual basis has also set us apart from the competition.

In the event you, or a loved one finds themselves being held in custody, call us immediately on (714) 243-8108. As we are available on a 24/7 basis, we will be there for you right when you need us the most. Even more valuable information is available on our website.