Beware Of This Bail Bond Scam In Buena Park

Many people don’t identify with the bail bonds industry, mainly because they’ve either never been arrested, or never had a family member taken into custody. Therefore, most of these people would not be aware of the latest scams, and how to avoid them. Buena Park Bail Bonds are making people aware of this latest bail bonds scam.

Buena Park Bail Bonds is an experienced, and professional bail bonds company, that has earned the title of being the premium bail bonds company in Southern California. A reputation such as this, does not come without proving reliability, honesty, and dedication to their clients. For this reason, Buena Park Bail Bonds wishes to reveal the latest scam that some people in the community may possibly fall victim to.

In the latest scam, the elderly are the target by some clever and unscrupulous criminals. These people will do a little homework before they attempt their scam to make themselves seem legitimate. They will call an elderly person that they know has grandchildren, and pretend to be one of them. They will inform the unsuspecting grandparent that they have been taken into custody, and need money sent to them via western union immediately to bail them out. They may even have an accomplice who will also get on the phone claiming to be the bail bond agent and verify the amount needed to be sent.

Naturally the grandparent will be in a panic as the phone call will normally occur late in the evening and will naturally want to send the money to assist their family member. The person making the call will most likely beg the grandparent not to tell anyone else, including parents, because they are already embarrassed enough. This is an attempt to stop the grandparent from contacting anyone else out of concern.

Buena Park Bail Bonds gives some helpful tips to avoid being scammed:

  • Should you receive a telephone call from anyone claiming to be a family member, verify that information. Ask questions that you know only a family member could answer, such as what you gave them on their last birthday.

  • Very rarely will a bail bond agent, or bail bonds firm call you directly. Usually it is the defendant that will call you from wherever they are being held in custody. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a bail bond agent, ask them questions that will verify they are representing your family member. Also check that the firm they say they are working for, is a legitimate business.

  • If you receive a call from someone who claims to be a family member, apart from questioning them, you could also try to text them back either during or after the call. Ask where they are being held, and then call that law enforcement station to have the information verified.

If you or a family member has been arrested, and being held in custody, us immediately on (714) 243-8108. Our professional and highly experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you. We will be there for you right when you need us the most as we operate on a 24/7 basis. You can find even more valuable information by visiting our website.